Tree planting by small producers in the tropics: A comparative study of Brazil and Panama


Forest regrowth is a widespread phenomenon across the tropical forest latitudes. Such reforestation takes place in the wake of land abandonment, occurs cyclically in a rotational agricultural system, and may result from the deliberate planting of trees by farmers. Although less extensive than successional forest regeneration, tree planting by small farmers can have potentially important environmental impacts at both the site and global scale.

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A Re-emerging Atlantic Forest? Urbanization, Industrialization and the Forest Transition in Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil


The Atlantic Forest region of southern Brazil has experienced rapid urbanization and industrialization in the second half of the 20th century. Trends in other regions of the world might suggest this would lead to increased forest cover in rural areas, however a developing country such as Brazil may present a different scenario.

research & methods

This research presents an analysis of forest cover change in the Atlantic forest of Santa Catarina, Brazil between 1975 and 1995/1996.

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Development of Floristic Diversity in 10-year-old Restoration Forests on a Bauxite Mined Site in Amazonia


This article evaluates the diversity of species in a 10-year-old native species plantation in the Para state of Brazil. The study site was mined for bauxite in 1984 and planted in 1985 with 70 species of native forest tree species.

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