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Agroforestry Training Program: Taking Action, Reaching Out


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Sesbania sesban improved fallows in eastern Zambia: Their inception, development and farmer enthusiasm


In eastern Zambia, nitrogen deficiency is a major limiting factor for increased food production. Soil fertility has been declining because of nearly continuous maize (Zea mays) cultivation with little or no nutrient inputs. The use of short-duration tree fallows was one of several agroforestry options hypothesized to restore soil fertility. This study reports on long-term trials with Sesbania sesban in field station and farm trials.

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Plan d'amenagement et de gestion de la foret galerie de Makera: 2009-2013 (Management plan for the Makera gallery forest: 2009-2013)

This report provides a biologic, economic, and sociologic context for the state of the Makera gallery forest in Rwanda.The authors provide plans for management, ongoing research, and community engagement with the forest.

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