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The Agroforestree Database


The Agroforestree (AFT) Database was created in 2009 by the World Forestry Centre and provides specifics and selection guides on both native and exotic agroforestry trees. 

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Development of the Soil Macrofauna Community under Silvopastoral and Agrosilvicultural Systems in Amazonia


This study seeks to analyze the effect that different agroforestry systems have on the recolonization of macrofauna in the soil of former pasture lands.

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Development of the soil macrofauna community under silvopastoral and agrosilvicultural systems in Amazonia


The Brazilian Amazon has experienced extensive land conversion from forests to cattle pasture, many of which now lay abandoned. Agro-forestry serves as one potential solution to this problem and this study examines the re-establishment of a diversified soil macrofauna in order to inform this approach.

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