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Attempting Restoration of Wet Tropical Forests in Costa Rica


This article describes a reforestation effort of the Tropical Forestry Initiative using mixed stands of native species to recover abandoned pastureland in the tropical wet forest of Costa Rica.

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Technical and Financial Analysis of Enrichment Planting in Logging Gaps as a Potential Component of Forest Management in the Eastern Amazon


This study investigates the potential for managing timber tree species regeneration in disturbed areas within logged forests in the eastern Amazon through the experimental introduction of seeds and seedlings.

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Semeando Sustentabilidade em Apuí (Seedling Sustainability in Apuí)

The project aims to strengthen environmental management in Apuí, and to increase capacity for the development of more sustainable productive activities. To achieve this goal the project works simultaneously on reinforcing the network of seeds and seedling production, strengthening institutions, supporting planting and forest conservation, building capacity of landholders in rural properties, and providing environmental education and assistance for the creation of a development plan for the municipality.

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Factors Affecting Mortality and Resistance to Damage Following Hurricanes in a Rehabilitated Subtropical Moist Forest


This study was conducted in the Luquillo Experimental Forest (LEF), which was previously abandoned pastureland reforested through mixed planting and natural regeneration.

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