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Especies para reforestación en Nicaragua (Species for Reforestation in Nicaragua)


This manual provides information about multipurpose trees in Nicaragua.

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Reforestation with Native Species in the Dry Lands of Panama


Natural populations of precious timber species in Panama are being overexploited, and some have been registered in the IUCN Red List in recent years. Within the overall framework of natural resource scarcity and mounting effects of climate change, the need for sustainable production of native trees that offer added values of water cycle regulation, soil improvement, and biodiversity conservation is stressed.

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Effects of Logging, Liana Tangles and Pasture on Seed Fate of Dry Forest Tree Species in Central Brazil


This article examines seed germination, predation, removal, and death for six different species in undistured forest, logged forest and an active pature. Because gaps created from logging are often overrun by liana tangles, it also compares seeds planted under patches of lianas (low forest) and seeds under patches of mature forest (high forest).

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