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Responses of 20 Native Tree Species to Reforestation Strategies for Abandoned Farmland in Panama


In the tropics, deforestation often leads to unproductive agriculture and results in degraded grasslands. This study seeks to understand why forests fail to regenerate naturally in these ecosystems. 

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Factors Affecting Community Composition of Forest Regeneration in Deforested, Abandoned Land in Panama


This study tests how Saccharum spontaneum, an invasive grass, affects early forest succession and community composition in an area of previously abandoned pasture.

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Producción de inóculos de hongos micorrízicos arbusculares para la rehabilitacion de áreas degradadas de la Gran Sabana, Venezuela (Production of mycorrhizal fungi for rehabilitation in Venezuela)

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Vinculación entre el sustento de los agricultores, los árboles y el proceso de agua y suelos en las buenas prácticas de gestión de áreas de captación (Linking farmers livelihoods, trees and soils in water catchments management practices)

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