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Direct Seeding to Restore Tropical Mature-Forest Species in Areas of Slash-and-Burn Agriculture


Direct seeding of three mature-forest species into areas of slash-and-burn agriculture was conducted to evaluate the germination and establishment of these species.

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Restoration of dry tropical forests in Central America: A review of pattern and process


Much information on restoration and management exists for wet tropical forests of Central America but comparatively little work has been done in the dry forests of this region. Such information is critical for reforestation efforts that are now occurring throughout Central America. This paper describes processes of degradation due to land use and provides a conceptual framework for the restoration of dry tropical forest, of which less than 2% remains intact.

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Los árboles en la ganadería del trópico seco (Trees in agroforestry systems in the tropical dry forest)

Los autores destacan la importancia de la vegetación arbórea nativa, tanto de especies leguminosas como no leguminosas, manejadas ya sea de forma empírica o siguiendo un método científico de algunos sistemas silvopastoriles presentes en el estado de Colima, México. Se enfatizan las características nutricionales tanto del follaje como de los frutos. Se describen algunos sistemas silvopastoriles, entre ellos: el manejo de cocotero en la región costera, los árboles en los potrero

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