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Can Native Tree Species Plantations in Panama Compete with Teak Plantations? An Economic Estimation


Panama has high rates of primary forest conversion, resulting in depleted timber resources. In response, the timber plantation industry is growing to meet demand, often with non-native species. This study compares the economic feasibility of using native tree species vs non-native species for plantation forestry.

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Attempting Restoration of Wet Tropical Forests in Costa Rica


This article describes a reforestation effort of the Tropical Forestry Initiative using mixed stands of native species to recover abandoned pastureland in the tropical wet forest of Costa Rica.

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Forest Plantations in Costa Rica and Nicaragua: Performance of Species and Preferences of Farmers


This paper presents data on the survival and growth of mixed native and exotic forest plantations established on abandoned pastures in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The article also includes information on farmer species preference and socioeconomic information.

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