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Tropical Forest Restoration: Tree Islands As Recruitment Foci In Degraded Lands Of Honduras


Methods to accelerate forest recovery must address a number of impediments including limits on seed dispersal and microclimactic extremes. This study evaluates the ability of tree islands to serve as recruitment foci for additional seeds in a two-year study in northern Honduras.

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Establishment and Growth of Living Fence Species: An Overlooked Tool for the Restoration of Degraded Areas in the Tropics


This article describes three studies conducted in Honduras which examined the potential of using living fence species in restoration.

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A Survey of Small-Scale Farmers Using Trees in Pastures in Herrera Province, Panama


The Herrera Province on the Azuero Peninsula of Panamá has experienced significant deforestation for the purpose of cattle ranching.

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Crecimiento Inicial de Especies Arbóreas Multipropósito en un Terreno Ganadero del Norte de Veracruz (Initial Growth of Multipurpose Tree Species in a Rancher Land in Northern Veracruz)



El establecimiento de plantaciones forestales es útil para la restauración de áreas degradadas por la expansión de actividades ganaderas. SIn emabargo, información básica sobre el crecimiento inicial de especies arbóreas es aún escasa.

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