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Impact des aménagements de conservation des eaux et des sols sur la régénération des ressources ligneuses en zone sahélienne et nord soudanienne du Burkina Faso

The article seeks to catalogue trees used for traditional tools. The authors note that in certain areas, over exploitation of resources for traditional needs contributed to forest and soil degradation. They conclude arguing that traditional knowledge must be documented and taken into account in order for sustainable development projects to be successful.


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Carbon sequestration and biodiversity of re-growing miombo woodlands in Mozambique



This study aims to determine how slash-and-burn agriculture impacts soil and vegetation carbon (C) stocks and biodiversity on an area of miombo woodland in Mozambique. The study hypothesized that C stocks in vegetation and soils of abandoned agricultural plots (machambas) would be lower than in woodland plots and that C stocks would accumulate more rapidly after abandonment in vegetation than in soils.

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Garden Plants in Zimbabwe: Their ethnomedicinal uses and reported toxicity


In Zimbabwe, there are several plants that have been grown in homes for primary survival and for aesthetic reasons, both exotic and indigenous species. The properties of some of these plants is unknown yet some have been discovered to be poisonous to humans and livestock. Some cases of plant poison have been accidental, hence there is need to protect the public from the toxicity of these plants.

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