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Effect of Nursery Practices on Seedling Survival and Growth of Selected Miombo Tree Species, Morogoro, Tanzania


This study investigates the effects of shade, polythene tube diameter and height, and soil mixtures on seedling survival and growth of five Miombo tree species in Morogoro, Tanzania.

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Tanzania: Forest Restoration in the Shinyanga Region


In the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania, deforestation, bush clearing, and overgrazing have been persistent problems. The government of Tanzania recognized the traditional ngitili system of land management as a potential solution. 

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Carbon sequestration and biodiversity of re-growing miombo woodlands in Mozambique



This study aims to determine how slash-and-burn agriculture impacts soil and vegetation carbon (C) stocks and biodiversity on an area of miombo woodland in Mozambique. The study hypothesized that C stocks in vegetation and soils of abandoned agricultural plots (machambas) would be lower than in woodland plots and that C stocks would accumulate more rapidly after abandonment in vegetation than in soils.

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