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Effect of Nursery Practices on Seedling Survival and Growth of Selected Miombo Tree Species, Morogoro, Tanzania


This study investigates the effects of shade, polythene tube diameter and height, and soil mixtures on seedling survival and growth of five Miombo tree species in Morogoro, Tanzania.

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Tanzania: Forest Restoration in the Shinyanga Region


In the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania, deforestation, bush clearing, and overgrazing have been persistent problems. The government of Tanzania recognized the traditional ngitili system of land management as a potential solution. 

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A comparative study of medicinal plants used in rural areas of Namibia and Zimbabwe


Despite the adoption of Western pharmaceutical drugs in developing countries, traditional medicine produced from wild plants is still the source of primary health care. In some countries up to 90% of the people rely on traditional medicines. Few studies have done a comparative analysis of the herbal medicines in Africa.

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