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Experiences of a research institute in forest restoration practices in Nigeria


This paper reports on the activities championed by the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria within its mandates particularly in the area of forest conservation and management in six ecological zones of the country to recuperate the nations’ ecological integrity.

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Karité (Vitellaria paradoxa) and Néré (Parkia biglobosa) associated with Crops in South Mali


This study analyzes the growing conditions of agricultural crops (cotton, sorghum, and pearl millet) under the common African savanna agroforestry trees Parkia biglobosa (karité) and Vitellaria paradoxa (néré), the source of the cosmetic product shea butter.

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CarbonBrake: Nayakla, Burkina Faso


CarbonBrake works with Nayakla, Burkina Faso on the reforestation of unproductive land. Villagers actively engage in the program, both planting and maintaining the new forests, which will serve as a source of regular income and enable them to plan and sustain the village. 

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Régénération naturelle à faible coût dans le cadre de l’aménagement forestier en zones tropicales sèches en Afrique (Natural generation at low cost as part of forest management in African tropical dry landscapes)

The author examines effective, low-cost, and often-overlooked methods of natural regeneration by root suckering and terrestrial layering in African tropical dry forests. He suggests this method of regeneration for both inside and outside of forested areas.


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Parcs agroforestiers sahéliens: de la conservation à l’aménagement (Agroforestry parks of the Sahel: from conservation to management)

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Le rôle des forêts et des arbres dans l’adaptation sociale à la variabilité et au changement climatiques (The role of forests and trees for social adaptation to climate change and variability)

The authors of this article give a broad overview of the role of forests and trees for adaptation to climate change. In doing so, they discuss the beneficial social outcomes from the trees, as well as their effect of creating more resilient agricultural systems. The authors end by suggesting further studies of ecosystem based management (EBM) practices.


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