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Impact des aménagements de conservation des eaux et des sols sur la régénération des ressources ligneuses en zone sahélienne et nord soudanienne du Burkina Faso

The article seeks to catalogue trees used for traditional tools. The authors note that in certain areas, over exploitation of resources for traditional needs contributed to forest and soil degradation. They conclude arguing that traditional knowledge must be documented and taken into account in order for sustainable development projects to be successful.


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Les attaques des Termites (Isoptera) dans les parcelles de reboisement de la Grande Muraille Verte au Sénégal (The attacks of termites in the reforestation plots of the Great Green Wall in Senegal)

This article focuses on the interactions between termites (Isoptera) and woody species in the Great Green Wall in Senegal. The authors identified 15 woody species attacked by 14 species of termites and found that Boscia senegalensis and Balanites aegyptiaca were motst likely to be attacked by termites.


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