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The Socio-Economic Effects of Ghana's Government Afforestation Project on Beneficiary Farmers in the Dormaa District of the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana


Forests play a central role in Ghana's global economy and local livelihoods, yet degradation and overharvesting continue to be an issue. In response, the Ghana government implemented an afforstation program in 2001 to restock forests and help alleviate poverty. 

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Régénération naturelle à faible coût dans le cadre de l’aménagement forestier en zones tropicales sèches en Afrique (Natural generation at low cost as part of forest management in African tropical dry landscapes)

The author examines effective, low-cost, and often-overlooked methods of natural regeneration by root suckering and terrestrial layering in African tropical dry forests. He suggests this method of regeneration for both inside and outside of forested areas.


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Impact des aménagements de conservation des eaux et des sols sur la régénération des ressources ligneuses en zone sahélienne et nord soudanienne du Burkina Faso

The article seeks to catalogue trees used for traditional tools. The authors note that in certain areas, over exploitation of resources for traditional needs contributed to forest and soil degradation. They conclude arguing that traditional knowledge must be documented and taken into account in order for sustainable development projects to be successful.


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La participation communautaire au cœur du modèle de restauration de la Grande muraille verte africaine (Community participation at the heart of the model for restoration of the Great Green Wall)

The authors describe the African initiative of the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel, which is currently in process. Thay note that the initiative is gainaing visibility and includes 110 participating villages. The article concludes by calling for support for these types of initiaties.


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Non-timber Forest Product Harvest does not Affect the Genetic Diversity of a Tropical Tree Despite Negative Effects on Population Fitness


The authors investigated a relationship between exploitation of economically important mahogany in Benin and the species genetic diversity. The study is base on the theory that disturbances in forest habitats can lead to a decrease in diversity due to population fragmentation and increased inbreeding.

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