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Reforestation and Regrowth in the Human Dominated Landscapes of South Asia


This study evaluates the drivers of reforestation and regrowth in South Asia using case studies and a meta-analysis of 24 papers.

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The Bigger Picture: Tropical Forest Change in Context, Concept and Practice


This article discusses differing concepts of reforestation between the fields of forest science and land change science. Most data from the field of forest science is small in scale and evaluates growth and production from the perspective of use of wood products.

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What does it take? The role of incentives in forest plantation development in Asia and the Pacific


The Asia-Pacific region has a significant amount of diverse forest cover. While many countries have experience deforestation, the remaining forests are still valued for their ecosystem services and timber products. To protect these two benefits, severa government have promoted forest plantations as a forest management strategy. This reports  assess the impact of incentives on forest plantation development.

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