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Biomass Distribution Among Tropical Tree Species Grown Under Differing Regional Climates


This study presents results from species selection trials in Panama as part of the PRORENA project, which examined the most effective species and methods for Panamanian government-supported reforestation projects.

research goal & methods

In 2003, 16 native and 2 exotic species were planted in single-species plots with a 3m x 3m spacing of trees at two different sites (one seasonally wet, one more dry). All plots were thinned to 50% of their original density at two years after plantation establishment, and the thinned trees were measured for biomass and biomass partitioning.

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Promoting Biodiversity: Advances in Evaluating Native Species for Reforestation


This article describes the design of a long-term species screening trial conducted at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica.

Research Goals & Methods

Growth and survivability data is presented for 84 species (17 popular exotics used for timber and 67 little-known local species with timber potential) at 3 years of age.

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