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Les plantations forestières en afrique centrale: des sylvicultures nouvelles pour répondre aux nouveaux besoins des sociétés

The article provide several arguments for investing in tree plantations in central Africa where tropical wet and dry forests have been degraded and exploitation of forest resources is unsustainable. The authors give examples of benefits from native plantations in addition to exotic plantations. The article concludes by discussing the benefits tree plantations can have on society and the need for more scientific research on native tree plantations in central Africa.


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Reforestation project using native species in Maringa-Lopori-Wamba region (Democratic Republic of Congo): establishment of the Bonobo Peace Forest.CDM-AR-PDD


Bonobos are endemic to the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo and are at a high risk of extinction. Specifically, the UN has drawn attention to the speed at which infrustructure growth is infringing on bonobo habitat. Thus, it developed a program to halt these trends and conserve the bonobos. 

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Indigenous Trees in West African Forest Plantations: The Need for Domestication by Clonal Techniques


This study evaluates native species tree plantations across West Africa by summarizing existing information on the yield of those plantations, with particular focus on the Cameroon Forest Management and Regeneration Project. It considers the potential for vegetative propagation and clonal selection to increase growth rates and marketability of native species.

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