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Coffee Agroforestry Systems in Central America: II. Development of a Simple Process-Based Model and Preliminary Results


Globally, coffee (Coffea arabica, L.) is an important cash crop. In past decades, there was  a growing trend  in Central America towards  high-input monocultures, but most recently, agroforestry is again becoming a common system. However, it is difficult to optimise the selection of shade tree species in an agroforestry system. This article provides information on a simple dynamic model for coffee-agroforestry systems in Central America.

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Coffee Agroforestry Systems in Central America: I. A Review of Quantitative Information on Physiological and Ecological Processes


Coffee (Coffea arabica, L.) is the most widely grown cash crop in Central America.  While previous research identified various environmental factors that affect its growth and yield, the authors believe  that quantitative knowledge of coffee and other tropical agroforestry systems is still limited. This article provides both a literature review and a summary of quantitative data necessary to develop process-based models for coffee agroforestry systems in Central America.

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How Successful is Tree growing for Smallholders in the Amazon?


This study compares donor-driven and smallholder-initiated tree growing projects in the Amazon to assess outcomes such as tree survival, commercialization success, and environmental benefits of two different approaches to tree planting. Such research is important for understanding the limitations of both smallholder and donor-driven tree growing for reforestation, and for improving production of forest products outside of natural forests. The study also emphasizes the importance of capturing local knowledge.

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