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Between and Within-Site Comparisons of Structural and Physiological Characteristics and Foliar Nutrient Content of 14 Tree Species at a Wet, Fertile Site and a Dry, Infertile Site in Panama


This study seeks to analyze how stress resulting from different amounts of precipitation and soil nutrients affects tree growth. The study hypothesized that tree structure and physiology as well as foliar nutrient content would be significantly different between the sites, and trees at the wet, fertile sites would perform better. Secondly, the study hypothesized finding a greater variability of integrated tree growth at the drier site, as plant stress is expected to accentuate differences in performance. Lastly, it was hypothesized that leaf mass area and foliar N would predict photosynthetic capacity.

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Responses of 20 Native Tree Species to Reforestation Strategies for Abandoned Farmland in Panama


In the tropics, deforestation often leads to unproductive agriculture and results in degraded grasslands. This study seeks to understand why forests fail to regenerate naturally in these ecosystems. 

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