Swietenia mahagoni

Bwa Yo: Important Trees of Haiti


This book, published in 1996, presents important tree species in Haiti as part of a USAID effort to address environmental degradation in Haiti. The trees presented are mainly those in the agricultural landscape, providing food or fuel, although trees with cultural or ecological importance are also presented.

Each tree profile provides information and photos including discussions of the species and common names, importance, taxonomy and botanical features, distribution and ecology, tree characteristics, utilization, propagation, and other findings (biomass studies, growth performance, tree improvement, seed research, and/or planting stock quality).

Open access copy available

Carbon Sequestration and Plant Community Dynamics Following Reforestation of Tropical Pasture


Conversion of abandoned cattle pasture to secondary forest in the tropics is a potential means to increase carbon sequestration as well as to enhance local biodiversity. This study uses data from a long-term tropical reforestation project – Luquillo Experimental Forest in Puerto Rico – to estimate rates of above- and belowground carbon sequestration.

Open access copy available
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