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A Financial Analysis of Small-Scale Tropical Reforestation with Native Species in Costa Rica


This article describes the financial expenses and revenues incurred by the 15th year of a small native species plantation in Costa Rica.

research goals & methods

Forecasting models incorporate growth patterns, production costs, and wood prices to determine the net present value and internal rate of return for the project.

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Pure and Mixed Forest Plantations with Native Species of the Dry Tropics of Costa Rica: A Comparison of Growth and Productivity


This research monitored the growth and survival of 13 natives species in pure and mixed-species plantations, and compared the results to measurements of T. grandis, an exotic species commonly planted in the area.

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Hacia una silvicultura sostenible en el trópico seco: el caso de la Finca Piedra Rala, Nicaragua (Towards sustainable silviculture in dry tropical forests: the case of Finca Piedra Rala, Nicaragua)

El autor explica la experiencia de los productores en el manejo racional de pequeñas áreas de bosque tropical seco y analiza como la silvicultura racional tiene una capacidad de regeneración de los bosques naturales poco productivos en la zona del Pacífico de Nicaragua. En la finca estudiada, el bosque es sometido a un sistema de aprovechamiento tradicional, desarrollado como una iniciativa del propietario.

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