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La participation communautaire au cœur du modèle de restauration de la Grande muraille verte africaine (Community participation at the heart of the model for restoration of the Great Green Wall)

The authors describe the African initiative of the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel, which is currently in process. Thay note that the initiative is gainaing visibility and includes 110 participating villages. The article concludes by calling for support for these types of initiaties.


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Impact des aménagements de conservation des eaux et des sols sur la régénération des ressources ligneuses en zone sahélienne et nord soudanienne du Burkina Faso

The article seeks to catalogue trees used for traditional tools. The authors note that in certain areas, over exploitation of resources for traditional needs contributed to forest and soil degradation. They conclude arguing that traditional knowledge must be documented and taken into account in order for sustainable development projects to be successful.


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Afforestation for Reclaiming Degraded Village Common Land: A Case Study


In India, population growth and agriculture put a strain on natural resources, often resulting in "wastelands" where the soil is no longer productive - often either affected by either salt or alkilinity. Using soil amendments to restore these lands to productivity can be cost-prohibitive for the small villages that own these lands. Afforestation is one possible method for restoring the health of these in a cost-effective and scalable way. 

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Tanzania: Forest Restoration in the Shinyanga Region


In the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania, deforestation, bush clearing, and overgrazing have been persistent problems. The government of Tanzania recognized the traditional ngitili system of land management as a potential solution. 

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Plan Vivo, Restoration of degraded ecosystems in the Sahel Burkina Faso


This project plans to restore and maintain the Sahelian woodland in northern Burkina Faso by working closely with communities of farmers whose livelihoods are dependent.

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Cooperative Afforestation in Sirsa, Haryana


This CDM project targets an area affected by aeolian (wind blown) sand, and with degraded croplands spread across eight villages. The area comprises 369.87 ha belonging to 227 farmers; which is generally left to fallow. Large areas of land are without any vegetation due to frequent dust storms of various intensities. The dust storms toss up large amount of sand, dust and suspended particles into the air and pollute the ambient atmosphere. 

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