Aegiceras corniculatum

A review of the floral composition and distribution of mangroves in Sri Lanka


The article reviews literature on the numbers and distributions of Sri Lankan mangrove species and highlights the causes of overestimation. It also attempts to provide an accurate count based on standardized fieldwork over a 4-year period along the coast between Palatupana and Puttalam, Sri Lanka. The authors name some examples of mischaracterized or misidentified species from previous studies and address the importance of clearly defining the terms for mangroves.

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Net Primary Productivity of Two Mangrove Forest Stands on the Northwestern Coast of Sri Lanka


This article compares the net primary production of an estuarine mangrove stand to an island fringing stand in Dutch Bay in northwestern Sri Lanka.

Research Goals & Methods

Net above-ground primary productivity was measured by monitoring litterfall and above-ground biomass increment between 1985 and 1987.

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