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Reforestation Strategies Amid Social Instability: Lessons from Afghanistan


This study evaluates recent reforestation programs in Afghanistan in anticipation of larger scale programs needed to address watershed-scale degradation.

Research Goals & Methods

It surveys reforestation programs in rural upper watershed areas in Afghanistan in order to provide insight for similar problems in insecure regions elsewhere, especially where reforestation may help reverse degradation and assist with social stabilization efforts.

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Cooperative Afforestation in Sirsa, Haryana


This CDM project targets an area affected by aeolian (wind blown) sand, and with degraded croplands spread across eight villages. The area comprises 369.87 ha belonging to 227 farmers; which is generally left to fallow. Large areas of land are without any vegetation due to frequent dust storms of various intensities. The dust storms toss up large amount of sand, dust and suspended particles into the air and pollute the ambient atmosphere. 

Open access copy available
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