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The Role of Revegetation for Rehabilitation of Sodic soils in Semiarid Subtropical Forest, India


This study relies on a  case study evaluate the rehabilitation of barren land within a larger forest ecosystem. The article indicates that restoration opportunities exist even with severely degraded land where natural succession does not occur without management practices.

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Effect of Adult Density on Regeneration Success of Woody Plants in Natural and Restored Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest Fragments in Puducherry Region, India


This study tested variables contributing to successful regeneration of Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) species in southern India, a forest type that is highly biodiverse but fragmented and commonly designated as “sacred groves”.

Conclusions & Takeaways

The researchers found that whether in longstanding “groves” or in reforested areas, adult tree density more strongly enhances the regeneration of any given species than do other factors such as the species’ dispersal mode or life form (e.g. tree, shrub, or liana).

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