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Reforestation, coffee and carbon in Sierra Piura, Peru: can carbon financing promote sustainable agriculture?


Previous research has suggested that certain agricultural practices can protect, enhance, and reverse environmental degradation. One way to achieve this beneficial connection can be encouraged is through financial mechanisms, such as payment for ecosystem services. This document examines a similar approach in which carbon revenues drive sustainable coffee agriculture in the Sierra Piura region of Peru. 

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Tree Management in the Northwestern Andean Cordillera of Peru


Peasant communities in the northwestern Andean Cordillera of Peru utilize many indigenous and introduced trees and shrubs to satisfy a variety of material needs. However, forest resources are over-harvested and over-grazed, contributing to soil erosion. This study aims to identify the major tree and shrub species in the region and understand their ecologies and usages, and to recommend priorities for reforestation in the region taking human usage into account.

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