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Native Woody Species Regeneration in Exotic Tree Plantations at Munessa-Shashemene Forest, Southern Ethiopia


This study investigates native woody species regeneration in 4 exotic species monoculture plantations in Munessa-Shashemene Forest Project Area in southern Ethiopia. The plantation ages ranged from 9 to 28 years.

Research Goals & Methods

To sample for vegetation diversity and analyses of floristic composition, species richness, and abundance, 60 sample plots were established in the study area.  48 of these plots were in plantations and 12 were in adjacent natural forests.

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Tree regeneration in church forests of Ethiopia: effects of microsites and management


Tree regeneration is severely hampered in the fragmented afromontane forests of northern Ethiopia. Pressures of harvesting and grazing and climactic conditions present challenges to regeneration. This study explores how trees regenerate in remnant forests along the gradient from open field, forest edge to closed sites and canopy gaps inside the forest.

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Status of Indigenous Tree Species Regeneration under Exotic Plantations in Belete Forest, South West Ethiopia


This study assesses the diversity and density of naturally regenerated woody species under the canopies of exotic plantations adjacent to natural forests in a moist montane forest type in Southwest Ethiopia.

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