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Croissance et assimilation nette foliaire de jeunes plants de dix arbres de la forêt guyanaise, cultivés à cinq niveaux d'éclairement


This study assesses the growth of ten species of tropical rainforest trees under 5 different light conditions.

Conclusions & Takeaways

The authors find that juveniles of most species did best in 25-45% sun light conditions and that the lowest light levels severely decrease growth across species.


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Seeding ecological restoration of tropical forests: Priority setting under REDD+


Tropical deforestation continues to be the major driver of biodiversity loss and a considerable contributor to climate change. Increasing numbers of forest-dependent rural poor rely on degraded forest for their livelihoods. Ecological restoration of tropical forests has the potential to not only contribute to biodiversity conservation and climate mitigation, but also poverty alleviation. REDD+ provides a potentially powerful mechanism for supporting ecological restoration of tropical forests in developing countries.

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Semeando Sustentabilidade em Apuí (Seedling Sustainability in Apuí)

The project aims to strengthen environmental management in Apuí, and to increase capacity for the development of more sustainable productive activities. To achieve this goal the project works simultaneously on reinforcing the network of seeds and seedling production, strengthening institutions, supporting planting and forest conservation, building capacity of landholders in rural properties, and providing environmental education and assistance for the creation of a development plan for the municipality. By means of the rotational management of pastures, the project predicts that it will be possible to identify the best alternative to increase production and profitability while simultaneously halting the advancement of deforestation.

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