Collaborative Efforts On Mangrove Restoration In Sedari Village, Karawang District, West Java Province


Many communities are undertaking mangrove restoration projects to try to return some of the ecosystem services provided by mangrove forests, with mixed success.

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The Impact of Forest Use and Reforestation on Soil Hydraulic Conductivity in the Western Ghats of India: Implications for Surface and Sub-Surface Hydrology


This article presents research on the surface and sub-surface permeability of degraded and restored forests and their dominant stormflow pathways  in the humid tropics of Uttar Kannada district, Karnataka, India. The authors attempt to determine to what extent field saturated hydraulic conductivity (K*) isaltered due to long-term forest degradation as compared to other studies in the humid tropics. They quantify changes in permeability following forestation of plantations and degraded landscapes and investigate the likely effect of wet-season conditions and the implications this has for predicting hydrologic consequences of forest degradation.

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Combinations of trees and crops in the taungya method as applied in Thailand


In this article, the authors desribe the 'taungya' methods used in Thailand for reforestation and agroforestry in the 1980s. This method was primarily used under theForest Village Programme, during which landless people were given 1.6 ha of land to reforest and raise their crops.

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