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Especies forestales nativas con potencial para reforestación en la provincia de Oxapampa, Perú (Native forest species with reforestation value in Oxapampa, Peru)



La organización Pronaturaleza, con el apoyo de The Nature Conservancy (TNC), se encuentra formulando un proyecto de secuestro de carbono con la finalidad de ejecutar Programas de Reforestación y Conservación de Bosques en la zona de amortiguamiento de tres áreas Naturales protegidas en la provincia de Oxapampa, Perú.

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How Successful is Tree growing for Smallholders in the Amazon?


This study compares donor-driven and smallholder-initiated tree growing projects in the Amazon to assess outcomes such as tree survival, commercialization success, and environmental benefits of two different approaches to tree planting. Such research is important for understanding the limitations of both smallholder and donor-driven tree growing for reforestation, and for improving production of forest products outside of natural forests. The study also emphasizes the importance of capturing local knowledge.

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Soil compaction and topsoil removal effects on soil properties and seedling growth in Amazonian Ecuador


Soil properties affect plant growth including during germination and establishment. Topsoil loss, nutrient loss, and compaction due to industrial activity in forest may impact forest regeneration. This study reports on soil properties and seedling growth following topsoil removal in Amazonian Ecuador.

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