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Floristic Composition, Structure and Natural Regeneration in a Moist Semi-Deciduous Forest following Anthropogenic Disturbances and Plant Invasion


This study examines the floristic composition, structure and natural regeneration in three forest types: disturbed forest (DF), undisturbed forest (UF), and disturbed-invaded forest (DIF) in Tinte Bepo forest reserve in Ghana. In addition, this study also considers how anthropogenic disturbances and plant invasion affect plant species composition. 

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Responses of Tree Seedlings to the Removal of Chromolaena odorata Linn. in a Degraded Forest in Ghana


This study assesses the effects of Chromolaena odorata, a dense grass removal on native trees seedlings in a degraded dry semi-deciduous forest in Ghana.

Research Goals & Methods

Chromolaena odorata was removed from 50% of the plots and the other half left intact. Seedling height, the number of leaves per seedling, and seedling mortality were investigated in both released and unreleased plots immediately after the release treatment in June 1998 and again 3 months later September 1998.

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