Dipterocarpus cornutus

Drought, Fire, and Tree Survival in a Borneo Rainforest, East Kalimantan, Indonesia


While draughts and fires are seen as important components of tropical forests, large-scale assessments of the effects of these events are scarce. This paper compares the forest stand level impact between severe drought and a subsequent extensive fires on forest stand in a lowland rainforest in East Kalimantan.

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Survival and Growth of Under-Planted Trees: A Meta-Analysis Across four Biomes


This article is a meta-analysis synthesizing the results of survival and growth of under-planted trees in forests in tropical, temperate coastal, boreal, and temperate deciduous forests. Additionally, the survival and growth of these underplanted trees are evaluated according to the silvicultural treatment affecting density of the overstory: uncut, dense shelterwood, intermediate density shelterwood, light density shelterwood, clear cut.

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Seedling Production Methods of Dipterocarps


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