Havardia albicans

The Role of Seed Banks in Vegetation Dynamics and Restoration of Dry Tropical Ecosystems


This paper reviews studies on seed banks in tropical dry forests, comparing them with wet tropical and subtropical vegetation.

Research Goals & Methods

Seed banks in dry tropical forests tend to be low and they are density dependant on moisture levels of the area in question. Subtropical seed banks had similar values to dry tropical forests. Majority of the seeds are from pioneer forests.

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Impacts of Early- and Late-seral Mycorrhizae during Restoration in Seasonal Tropical Forest, Mexico


This study examines the degree to which arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) are associated with early vs. late successional forests in Quintana Roo, Mexico. It considers how such fungi aid seedling growth of six native early-, mid- or late-successional tree species. The researchers hypothesize that the application of mycorrizae associated with a tree species' associated successional sere will better promote that species' seedling growth and that associated AMF are therefore key for forest restoration success in degraded or disturbed areas.

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