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Evaluation of Native Tree Species for the Rehabilitation of Deforested Areas in a Mexican Cloud Forest


This study examines the survival of four native tree species used in mixed-experimental plantations in the tropical montane forest of Veracruz, Mexico (1300-1900m). Tropical montane covers only 1% of land surface in Mexico but contains ~ 10% of all flowering plants. In Veracruz, forest fragments occupy on 10% of the oringinal forest cover.

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Woody Plant Diversity and Structure of Shade-Grown-Coffee Plantations in Northern Chiapas, Mexico


This article presents research on coffee stand structure and diversity, with data collected from 61 coffee plots in Chiapas, Mexico.

Research Goals & Methods

The following variables were measured: coffee density, slope, plot aspect, the number of individuals of each shade species (divided into 9 diametric classes), number of strata, species use, and presence of woody plant species.

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