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Modified Taungya System in Ghana: A Win–Win Practice for Forestry and Adaptation to Climate Change?


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Experiences of a research institute in forest restoration practices in Nigeria


This paper reports on the activities championed by the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria within its mandates particularly in the area of forest conservation and management in six ecological zones of the country to recuperate the nations’ ecological integrity.

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Floristic Composition, Structure and Natural Regeneration in a Moist Semi-Deciduous Forest following Anthropogenic Disturbances and Plant Invasion


This study examines the floristic composition, structure and natural regeneration in three forest types: disturbed forest (DF), undisturbed forest (UF), and disturbed-invaded forest (DIF) in Tinte Bepo forest reserve in Ghana. In addition, this study also considers how anthropogenic disturbances and plant invasion affect plant species composition. 

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Does Forest Restoration using Taungya Foster Tree Species Diversity? The case of Afram Headwaters Forest Reserve in Ghana


This study evaluates taungya agroforestry system - a forest restoration effectiveness in promoting high tree diversity-  in Ghana. This study was conducted in a forest reserve buffered by Teak and Cedrella-taungya on logged, cropped and burned land.

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