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Experiments on Ecological Restoration of Coal Mine Spoil using Native Trees in a Dry Tropical Environment, India: A Synthesis


This article outlines a series of experiments on the growth performance of 17 native tree species, as well the suitability of select species for use in plantations and to restore soil fertility on an abandoned coal mine in India. All 17 species grew in degraded mine soil, with A. catechu, B. racemosa, D. strictus, L. coromandelica and T. arjuna showing the highest biomass accumulation in mine soil; certain species showed higher biomass accumulation in mine soil fertilized with full or half doses of NPK.

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Restoration of degraded forest land in Thailand: the case of Khao Kho


This chapter discusses the deforestation of Khao Kho district, situated in Thailand’s central highlands, in the 1970s and restoration efforts in the 1990s. Over 75% of the district was forested until 1968, when as a counterinsurgency strategy the Royal Thai Army began to build roads, deforest the district and encourage agricultural settlement in this heretofore intact forest. Deforestation and maize cultivation on these steep hillsides, often with already-poor soil quality degraded in situ, led to rapid degradation with farming untenable by 1990. A UNDP-funded reforestation project – managed by the Army – was initiated in 1990.

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