Musanga cecropioides

L’abattage sélectif: une pratique agricole ancestrale au service de la régénération forestière (Selective clearing: Forest regeneration through an ancestral agricultural practice)

The author describes selective clearing of forests in crop fields. She notes the benefits of selective clearing such as increased speed of forest regeneration. Finally, the author contrasts the traditional agricultural practices of the Ntumu people to more destructive and widespread methods.


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Reforestation project using native species in Maringa-Lopori-Wamba region (Democratic Republic of Congo): establishment of the Bonobo Peace Forest.CDM-AR-PDD


Bonobos are endemic to the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo and are at a high risk of extinction. Specifically, the UN has drawn attention to the speed at which infrustructure growth is infringing on bonobo habitat. Thus, it developed a program to halt these trends and conserve the bonobos. 

Open access copy available
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