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Designing Mixed Species Tree Plantations for the Tropics: Balancing Ecological Attributes of Species with Landholder Preferences in the Philippines


This paper reports on the assessment of forest stands planted as part of the Rainforestation Farming Program and the management of plantations by local landowners regarding the original intent of planting.

Research Goals & Methods

Data was collected beginning 6-11 years after initial plot planting. Forest stands were evaluated for structure and floristic composition. Subsequent measurements were taken in 2008 and 2012.

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Species-Specific Tree Water Use Characteristics in Reforestation Stands in the Philippines


The need for reforestation is becoming increasingly evident in countries like the Philippines where deforestation has lead to a scarcity of wood and other forest commodities. One concern with reforestation is the reduction in streamflow and groundwater recharge as trees move water from the ground into the atmosphere.

Research Goals & Methods

This study seeks to investigate the sap flux responses and tree water use in two 12-year-old multi-species stands.

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