Pithecellobium macradenium

Amelioration of degraded rain forest soils by plantations of native trees


While much has been studied about the ability of tree growth to improve degraded soils in temperate zones, less is known about the impacts of tree growth on degraded soils in tropical zones.

research goals & methods

This study looks at the effects of trees planted in abandoned pasture land in northeastern Costa Rica, 25 years after that land had been cleared of rainforest. The soil was sampled before tree planting and 4 years after the trees became established. 

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Growth of native forest species planted on abandoned pasture land in Costa Rica


Reforestation programs in Costa Rica have largely utilized only four tree species. This study tests growth rates and form of eleven additional tree species native to the humid tropics, including five N-fixing species and six non-N-fixing species.

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Early Species Selection for Tropical Reforestation: A Consideration of Stability


This study describes a screening of timber species planted in abandoned pasture sites to understand the effect of different site conditions on tree growth and to determine the species that grew with the highest variation.

Research Goals & Methods

The author looks at genotype environment to evaluate stability of genotypes and genotypes with the ability to perform consistently in multiple site conditions.

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