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Contribution de la Régénération Naturelle Assistée des ligneux dans l’approvisionnement en bois des ménages dans le département de Magaria (Niger)

The article investigates the amount of wood villagers received from using assisted natural regeneration (ANR) techniques as opposed to wood that they bought. The authors found that in the region of Magaria, Niger, over 90% of households' wood needs were fulfilled by wood grown using ANR alone. They also provide several examples of successful agroforestry parks in the region. They article conclude by arguing that scaling up ANR will have positive impacts for agroforestry parks and that women especially should be sensitized to the benefits of ANR for agroforestry.


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La participation communautaire au cœur du modèle de restauration de la Grande muraille verte africaine (Community participation at the heart of the model for restoration of the Great Green Wall)

The authors describe the African initiative of the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel, which is currently in process. Thay note that the initiative is gainaing visibility and includes 110 participating villages. The article concludes by calling for support for these types of initiaties.


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Régénération naturelle à faible coût dans le cadre de l’aménagement forestier en zones tropicales sèches en Afrique (Natural generation at low cost as part of forest management in African tropical dry landscapes)

The author examines effective, low-cost, and often-overlooked methods of natural regeneration by root suckering and terrestrial layering in African tropical dry forests. He suggests this method of regeneration for both inside and outside of forested areas.


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