Pseudospondias microcarpa

Etude environnementale de la Réserve naturelle forestière de Bururi (Environmental study of the Bururi forest reserve)

The author presents a study of the Buruni forest reserve in Burundi (RNFB). He puts the current state of the forest in a historical context and provides a survey of animals and plants living in the reserve. The author details the forest reserve's ecological functioning and provides hydrologic and climatic data about the reseve along with discusses the threats to the Buruni forest reserve and offers suggestions for its protection.


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A 10-year evaluation of the functional basis for regeneration habitat preference of trees in an African evergreen forest


This study reports on the growth and survival of experimentally planted tree seedlings in the understory over a 10-year period in a moist evergreen forest at Kibale National Park in Western Uganda. 

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