Tabebuia ochracea

A Survey of Small-Scale Farmers Using Trees in Pastures in Herrera Province, Panama


The Herrera Province on the Azuero Peninsula of Panamá has experienced significant deforestation for the purpose of cattle ranching.

research goal & methods

The goal of the study was to determine more information about the use of trees in smallholder cow pastures. Herreran pasture owners were interviewed about the different uses for trees in their pastures as well as the variety of tree species.

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Early Growth of Native and Exotic Trees Planted on Degraded Tropical Pasture


This study describes the potential of two exotic and five native tree species to restore degraded land in Costa Rica.

Research Goals & Methods

Thirty blocks were established over 25 hectares of abandoned cattle pasture and tree height was measured at 3 and 7 years and tree survival was measured after 7 years.

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