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Carbon Sequestration and Plant Community Dynamics Following Reforestation of Tropical Pasture


Conversion of abandoned cattle pasture to secondary forest in the tropics is a potential means to increase carbon sequestration as well as to enhance local biodiversity. This study uses data from a long-term tropical reforestation project – Luquillo Experimental Forest in Puerto Rico – to estimate rates of above- and belowground carbon sequestration.

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Especies para reforestación en Nicaragua (Species for Reforestation in Nicaragua)


This manual provides information about multipurpose trees in Nicaragua.

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Manual of Reforestation and Erosion Control for the Philippines


This manual provides a detailed guide to reforestation, including information about species selection, nursery techniques, site preparation and plantation design, weed and fire control, stand improvement and other practical aspects of establishing and managing tree plantations. Additionally, there is a large portion devoted to erosion control, using trees and engineered structures to stabilize slopes and decrease the velocity of water runoff.

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