Manual of Reforestation and Erosion Control for the Philippines

Manual of Reforestation and Erosion Control for the Philippines


This manual provides a detailed guide to reforestation, including information about species selection, nursery techniques, site preparation and plantation design, weed and fire control, stand improvement and other practical aspects of establishing and managing tree plantations. Additionally, there is a large portion devoted to erosion control, using trees and engineered structures to stabilize slopes and decrease the velocity of water runoff.

Research Goals & Methods

The authors describe over 40 native and exotic species in the Philippines with respect to their abilities in plantations as well as the possibilities for taungya systems.

Conclusions & Takeaways

The species and site-based information is most appropriate for work in the Philippines; however, much of the book, especially the plantation design and maintenance, nursery techniques, and erosion control is relevant to reforestation in other regions.


Agpaoa, A., Endangan, D., Festin, S., Gumayagay, J., Hoenninger, Th., Seeber, G., Unkel, K., and Weidelt, H.J. 1976. "Manual of reforestation and erosion control for the Philippines", German Agency for Technical Cooperation, Eschborn, p. 569


  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)