Agroforestry as a Tool for Landscape Restoration

Agroforestry as a Tool for Landscape Restoration


The book is a compilation of articles on the application of agroforestry technologies to landscape restoration in degraded lands. The book is divided into five sections covering the following topics: (1) Agroforestry as a means to restore productivity to degraded land for rural populations (2) The simultaneous benefits of soil restoration and non-timber forest products from agroforestry systems (3) Biodiversity conservation across agricultural landscapes through the implementation of agroforestry (4) Watershed restoration and conservation using agroforestry systems (5) Experiences on agroforestry training and dissemination

conclusions & takeaways

Given the complexity of successfully implementing agroforestry systems in degraded landscapes, the book is intended to highlight key issues and approaches that can be used to address common problems.


Montagnini, F., Francesconi, W.&Rossi, E. (eds) 2011, Agroforestry as a Tool for Landscape Restoration, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York.