Indonesia Reforestation Project

Indonesia Reforestation Project


Based in Tokyo, Japan, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company has a sustainability branch that pioneers environmental activities around the world. One of these activities is a tropical reforestation project in the Republic of Indonesia, which began in 2005. This project mainly takes place in the Yogyakarta Special Province Wildlife Reserve Restoration and Recovery in Java.

Goals & Approach

The goal of the project is to regenerate the region's rainforst while contributing to the sustainability of local communities. The project has included restoring the degraded wildlife reserve, reforesting with native trees, building local agricultural capacity, and providing environmental education. 

Reported Takeaways

As of 2018, 30,000 trees had been planted in the Yogyakarta Special Province Wildlife Reserve. The project has also established a biodiversity monitoring intiative, started environmental education in 13 local primary schools, and instructed 39 farmers on sustainable agricultural practices. The project is intended to continue until 2021. 



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