Mangrove Reforestation at Six Lakes

Mangrove Reforestation at Six Lakes


Mangrove forests provide a wide range of benefits; they are used as spawning grounds for fish, have medicinal properties, and protect against flood waves. Yet, mangroves around the world are being degraded. Specifically, in 2004 in Sri Lanka a Tsunami severely damaged the countries mangrove forests. The Mangrove Reforestation at Six Lakes aims to remedy this destruction.

Goals & Approach

The project aims to increase the resistance to flood disasters on the south west coast of Sri Lanka around the lakes of Madampe, Maduganga, Bolgoda, Maella, Malal, and Lungamwehera. This is achieved through the establishment of nurseries, production of mangrove seedlings, and extensive planting. The project also conducts environmental educaton programs that will contribute to the protection and maintaince of these reforested mangroves. 

Reported Takeaways

From 2005 to 2010, The Mangrove Reforestation at six lakes project has created 21 tree nurseries, grown over 100,000 mangrove seedlings, and reforest 50 hectares. 



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