Rainforest Restoration: A Guide to Principles and Practice

Rainforest Restoration: A Guide to Principles and Practice


This document provides an introduction to tropical forest restoration with applications and a detailed description of reforestation experiences in the Whestern Ghats of India.

Conclusions & Takeaways

The authors describe the structure, complexity, and dynamics of  tropical rainforest ecosystems. They describe the threats to tropical forests and explain four different concepts of "reversing forest degradation": Reforestation (or afforestation), Reclamation, Rehabilitation, and Restoration. They suggest that restoration is necessary when natural recovery of local vegetation and associated animal communities will either not take place or take place extremely slowly without human intervention. The authors also highlight restoration actions in the Western Ghats, specifically focusing on nursery establishment, native species for restoration, plot treatment and maintenance, and invasive species control.



Mudappa, D., and Raman, T.R.S. 2010. Rainforest Restoration: A Guide to Principles and Practice. Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore.


  • Ecosystems Grants Program of the IUCN National Committee of The Neatherlands
  • Nature Conservation Foundation