Tropical Tree Seed Manual

Tropical Tree Seed Manual


This manual provides information on seed biology, storage, germination and pathology of native trees in neotropics. The second part provides detailed factsheets for 167 tropical tree species.  It provides over 600 pages of species specific descriptions including scientific names, common names, occurrence and geographic range, growth habits, flowering and fruiting, collection of fruits/seeds, extraction and cleaning, storage, pre-germination treatments, germination tests, nursery practices, seedling care, any other information.


The report presents findings and compilations of employees of USDA who established partnership with international contacts to bring together data to produce a botanical manual  for seed propagation and plant identification in the Tropics. The manual is annotated using drawings and is presented in both Spanish and English translations. 


This manual contributes to the academic and scientific communities by collating and organizing a wealth of internationally significant research and practical data into one publication. It should be used to aid students, technicians, and scientists with thorough understanding of tropical tree seeds. 



SIMPSON JD. Vozzo, J. A. (ed.) Tropical tree seed manual. Annals of Botany. 2004;93:478–479. doi:10.1093/aob/mch046.